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The origins of T1 date back to its development during the latter 1950's and deployment in the early 1960's within the Bell Telephone System. Technically speaking, the terminology T1 describes the multiplexing or aggregation scheme used within the T-Carrier System, the successor to the N-Carrier System.
The sole and original purpose of the Carrier Systems was to connect telephone customers and facilite voice conversations from point to point. The N-Carrier System, unable to scale to growing demand for services, was dominiated by mechanical equipment in telephone company Central Offices and countless, expensive analog line amplifiers. All too often, conducting a long distance call rivaled the quality of communicating with tin cans and a string.
The introduction of T1 (T-Carrier) delivered a much needed digital backbone to the original all analog network and was a significant step forward for several key reasons. T1 was the first system to successfully to digitize voice and transmit it over a network and was a precursor to many digital modulation, switching and transmission methods used today. Additionally, within the T-Carrier System, the standard basic transmission rate (still in use today) of 1.544 megabits per second was defined.
Until the mid 1970's, T1 was used by carriers solely as an internal backbone technology. Only consumer demand, driven by needs to share and transmit digital data, almost forced carriers to make T1 available commercially.
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