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Similar in nature to T1 and DS1, T3 and DS3 are components of a T-Carrier System.
The term T3 refers to the physical system components such as the wiring, plugs (cable ends), jacks (wall and equipment receptacles) or line repeaters. The combination of these hardware pieces is the T3 or T3 line.
DS3 is the aggregate digital or electrical signals derived from the six-hundred and seventy-two (672) native DS0 (64 Kbps) channels or twenty-eight (28) sets of DS1 signals and placed onto or retrieved from a T3 line. DS3, which is a standard used throughout North America, has a capacity of 44.736 Mbps and may be further characterized by its TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) and PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) operating characteristics.
For business conversation it is normal to use the term T3 to describe any one or all of the above. Conversely, technicians typically require more specific and precise descriptions of T-Carrier componentry.
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